Featured in Tumblr’s famous Spotlight in two categories (Architecture and Travel), Luxury Accommodations is a very popular Tumblr blog with more than 300,000 fans (200,000+ followers on Tumblr alone), designed to exhibit the marvelous architecture and interior design of some of the most luxurious accommodations in the world.

Unique by construction and design, all the accommodations listed on the blog are genuine examples of architectural wonders, ready to offer inspiration for your next architectural project, an idea on what luxury accommodation to book for your next vacation or just a glimpse of extravagance in order to heal your mood and please your eye.

The types of accommodation listed on this blog vary from vacation rentals, boutique hotels, private islands, hotels, resorts, ski chalets to privately owned luxury villas, yachts, riads, lodges, igloos, castles, palaces and other unique, quirky or even unusual accommodations, but they all have something in common: They illustrate a luxury that can be rented or even bought.

We pride ourselves for being able to deliver both images of amazing luxurious accommodations, as well as the certitudes that behind each photo displayed on our blog, there is actually a genuine experience, a tourist’s memory, a real place where right now someone is probably spending an incredible vacation, or one that you could pamper yourself in, one day.


Our mission is to deliver something tangible, something that you can visit during your travels; places that you can actually stay at and where you can enjoy a vivid experience of a true luxurious accommodation. Moreover, we will never post on the blog architectural projects, private properties or beautiful photos of houses that can never be reached. All the properties listed on Luxury Accommodations are waiting somewhere to be rented, bought or just admired.

Aiming to bring luxury closer to you, we have developed a platform to help travelers get in touch with the accommodations’ owners or managers. Each of our posts is accompanied by a brief description of the accommodation, including the official website and a relevant set of photos, in order to offer travelers not only inspiration, but also the opportunity to see exactly what to expect, and to contact the property directly for further information.

Why Tumblr?

We chose to host our blog on Tumblr. Why?

While everyone these days seems to prefer Wordpress or some other complicated blogging platform, we chose Tumblr for its simplicity, for the easy way we can connect with our followers, for the really cool reblogging option, because we can easily follow other blogs we like, stay in touch and develop a durable relationship with our followers.

Furthermore, with over 135 million blogs, 60 billion posts and more than 20 billion pageviews a month, you cannot deny the fact that Tumblr experiences a rampant evolution right now, heading towards an inevitable success.

Simply put (to quote Tumblr): Follow The World’s Creators!


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WARNING: This blog was created out of a pure and sincere passion for architecture, interior design, luxury, and travel, so it may become addictive! If you start feeling that you cannot leave our blog and feel a strong desire for travel, please contact us! We cannot help you, but we can share together this wanderlust!