Luxury Vacation in Barcelona

barcelona, spain

One of Spain’s most presentable destinations, Barcelona - the capital of Catalonia and the only city in the world awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects with the Royal Gold Medal (a decoration dedicated to remarkable architects whom work represents a significant contribution to the international architecture), is not only a Mediterranean city, but a global one with an imperative role in many domains like art, fashion, media, science, education, entertainment, commerce and international cuisine.

Vibrant, cosmopolitan and always in a permanent evolution, Barcelona has easily became a craved cultural center, a nightlife capital, a shopping delight, a classy port city, a popular beach spot and undeniably, a first class destination.

You cannot truly understand the character of Barcelona if you don’t make a stopover in one of the city’s gems- the famous and multi-faced Las Ramblas, where the past - represented by culture, traditions and architecture, goes hand in hand with the future - embodied by inventive performers, art’s most original directions and avant-garde.

If you don’t want to misplace the spirit of this magnificent boulevard when retiring in the room after a bursting day, we recommend you to choose one accommodation at the same level in order to enjoy Barcelona’s essence even when you are resting. One of our suggestions is Praktik Rambla Hotel- an admirable combination of luxury and Catalonian architecture, situated between Gaudi’s prestigious creations-La Pedrera and Casa Batllo. For those who want to experience in an exotic atmosphere, there will be no other place more appropriate to stay than the Mandarin Oriental Hotel- an exclusive collection of oriental suites located as well in the middle of Barcelona’s major attractions.

The city of Gaudi will impress any visitor with its unusual architecture- the strange and imposing basilica Sagrada Familia, the fairytale Parc Guell with its colored constructions and the winding streets of the Ghotic Quarter.

Placa de Catalunya is the busiest and the most beautiful square in Barcelona, the meeting point of the most important avenues- Las Ramblas and Passeig de Gracia, connecting the old town with the new one and offering a charming lesson of culture, great shopping and  an outstanding social life thanks to its abundance of restaurants, terraces, coffees and clubs. 

barcelona rooftop pool

With a breathtaking roof top deck overlooking Barcelona’s illustrious highlights and a tribute brought to the ancient Spanish colonies from Cuba and Philippines, Hotel 1898 will promise you an authentic lavish journey through history. 

For a royal treatment, a Michelin star awarded restaurant and an ultra-luxurious appearance, we admire El Palace Hotel and we consider it one of the best options for those who come to this city which keeps reinvent itself.

Barcelona lies its beauties even outside the metropolitan area, proving that Catalunya is one of the most attractive parts of Spain. Renowned for providing some of the best wines in the country, the province will impress any visitor with its remarkable vineyards, the lovely beaches and the picturesque surroundings.

almiral de la font

For a different approach of this multi-faced destination you can find a suitable accommodation outside the city’s blast, this way you will be able to do both- enjoying Barcelona’s splendors like a tourist and grasping its charm like a local.

Almiral de la Font is a luxury masia (Catalan manor house), on a hillside in the Pinedes wine region, surrounded by the Garaf National Park where you can relish the relaxation you need, spoiled by luxury amenities and charismatic landscapes.

Whether you travel as a family with kids, as a couple, as a wanderer or with your friends, Barcelona will grab your senses, matching your most exclusive tastes, offering you an unforgettable experience. This eclectic world class destination is about to be one of your favorite places even if you choose it for a city break, an elegant beach vacation, a shopping purpose, a cultural trip, a romantic retreat or a great clubbing experience.