Luxury Hotels That Celebrate Christmas

Whether you’re looking for a magical Christmas getaway, a lovely place to stay while doing your pre-Christmas shopping or just some inspiration for decorating your home during this festive period, chances are you’ll find everything you’re looking for in this neat list below.

We’ve browsed our precious portfolio and picked up five incredible hotels that have already gotten into the Christmas spirit with fabulous light displays, grandiose trees welcoming guests in the lobby, cozy Christmassy ambiances and lots of surprises waiting to be discovered. 

Unless you’re some kind of cold-hearted Scrooge, take a look and let us know what’s your favorite.

New York Palace - New York City, USA

New York Christmas Hotel

Christmas in New York has always been an experience coveted by many. During the holidays, the city becomes a winter wonderland with fabulous window displays, fluffy snow covering its world-famous boulevards and a Christmas spirit more alive than anywhere else.

Located in midtown Manhattan, only a few steps away from the famous Rockefeller Center on Madison Avenue, the legendary New York Palace has a special charm during Christmastime. Each year, the hotel’s exquisite courtyard is beautifully decorated with glittering trees and tons of sparkling lights, creating a grandiose spectacle. This December, the Palace’s Christmas glow is complemented by magical weekends with mythical characters such as Prince Charming or Cinderella and fairy-tale-inspired dishes.

Radisson Blu - Berlin, Germany

Berlin Christmas Hotel

Brimming with dazzling Christmas Markets, festive lights, long-lasting Advent traditions and cheerful ambiance, Berlin has a peculiar glow during this wonderful time of the year, and so does the majestic Radisson Blu hotel settled in the city’s cultural heart.

Home of the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium – Aqua Dom, Berlin’s Radisson Blu features a wonderful display of Christmas lights and decorations, which together with its unparalleled location in the Mitte Region, nearby the famous Alexanderplatz, makes it one of the most exclusive addresses in Berlin for Christmas.

Four Seasons - Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Christmas Markets

The same magical Christmas, another exceptional décor – Prague. The cobbled narrow streets, the picturesque Old Town Square with its stunning Gothic and baroque architecture, the historic Charles Bridge perched above the Vltava River and the dramatic history filling the air of Prague, are nothing but a magical portal to a fanciful land. Now, imagine this fairy-tale realm wearing a bright robe of snow, peppered with glittering lights and traditional Christmas markets and you’ll get the picture of a perfect Christmas.

The luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Prague with its marvelous architectural facades, fits without a glitch into the character of the vibrant Old Town. Moreover, the house’s prestigious florists – Martina and Vladimir take advantage of their experience and imagination in order to adorn the lavish interior of Prague’s Four Seasons with wonderful festive decorations.

The Dolder Grand - Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland Christmas Hotel

It is said that few things in the world can beat a Swiss Christmas, and a quick glance over Zurich during this magical time does nothing but reinforce this aphorism. The whole city is bathed in warm light and inviting aromas of cinnamon and mulled wine, alluring Christmas markets spring up here and there and the twinkling lights drape the elegant streets, reverberating the city.

Perched on a hill overlooking the majestic Alps, the picturesque Zurich Lake and the sparkling capital of Switzerland, the sumptuous Dolder Grand makes for a perfect base to experience an authentic Swiss Christmas. Endowed with its own 6’000 m2 open air ice skating rink, the hotel features a wonderful Christmas ambiance enhanced by fabulous Christmas trees beautifully decorated by the hotel’s florists, gorgeous festive ornaments and surroundings that look like they were straight out of a Dickensian chronicle.

Mandarin Oriental - Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Christmas Hotel

Even though Barcelona is not actually a conventional Christmas destination, it still has its fair share of Christmas markets, Nativity scenes and beautiful traditions displayed throughout the months of December and January. The Catalan capital takes on a festive air combining its exotic location with the whimsical Three Kings celebration. So don’t expect the traditional white Christmas, chances are you won’t get any snowflakes, but you will be delighted with a variety of local customs instead.

Located on the prestigious Passeig de Gracia, the magnificent Mandarin Oriental Hotel combines high style with classic luxury, evoking the sophistication of this lovely Mediterranean city. Therefore, those looking to celebrate Christmas in style this year, should know that Barcelona’s Mandarin Oriental greets its guests with refined festive decorations, holiday-themed welcome amenities, elegant gifts from Santa Claus and many other surprises.