Glass Sails La Vetta Restaurant Junior Suite Balcony View Private Spa Spa Room Express Train Sauna Indoor Pool Outdoor Pool

Tschuggen Grand Hotel - Arosa, Switzerland

Located in the charming village of Arosa, in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Tschuggen Grand is an ultra-luxurious 5-star hotel that features spectacular views over the Swiss Alps, 4 restaurants, and its own express train that transports the guests directly to the ski slopes. The Bergoase Spa, designed by Mario Botta, has been built into the mountainside next to the Tschuggen Grand Hotel. The huge stunning glass sails reaching out of the mountain were designed to channel the light into the underground spa, which is constructed over four floors with an indoor and outdoor water world, beautiful saunas, treatment rooms, fitness area and a medical spa.

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