Absolute World Group - When Excellence Meets Lifestyle And Hospitality

Sharing its status between exquisite hospitality specialist, multi-award winning Asian property developer and Asia’s leading lifestyle resorts group, Absolute World is much more than just a fast growing brand, it’s a concept whose core beliefs and brilliant achievements have managed to change our idea of lifestyle vacation and hospitality.


Established in 1998, Absolute World Group has now become an authority in the vacation club industry, resorts & hotel development and fractional ownership market. The company’s outstanding range of services spans six sub-brands: the prizewinning Absolute Developments and Absolute Resorts & Hotels, the excellent Absolute Real Estate with its luxurious properties and stunning designer resorts in Thailand’s most sought-after destinations, the revolutionary Absolute Fractionals, Absolute Destinations which will soon be transformed into the brand-new Absolute Vacation Club and the already famous Absolute Thai Lifestyle Magazine.

Those interested to invest in property in Thailand have now the opportunity to choose from a splendid assortment of both whole and fractional ownership properties in spectacular locations across Phuket.

From the mind-boggling natural wonders of faraway Australia to Europe’s medieval gems, Absolute World has almost no boundaries when it comes to exploring the planet in style, offering over 200 luxury Absolute and partner resorts worldwide.

One of the company’s top features is the patented Vacation Club, a flexible thoughtful tool that allows members to access the exclusive Absolute Last Minute and Absolute Extra Rentals and ensures them only sensational travel experiences.

Thailand Hotels

Moreover, finding a hotel in Thailand or resort to match your requirements has never been easier. Absolute Resorts & Hotels features a stunning collection of three, four and five star vacation properties to choose from, whether you’re looking for a shopping or cultural escape, an unforgettable romantic getaway, or an unparalleled beach holiday on the picture-perfect Thai seashores.

Combining five-star concierge services with reasonable prices and fashionable destinations such as Phuket, Koh Samui and Pattaya, the fabulous resorts and boutique hotels by Absolute never fail to impress, inspire and gratify.