Croatia - Luxury and Glamour on the Adriatic


From the upscale Island of Hvar to the exuberant fortress town of Dubrovnik and the chilled-out elegance of Split and its towering Diocletian Palace, Croatia boasts a variety of sophisticated attractions: hip islands, Venetian-style towns, sleepy fishing villages and a stunning coastline fringed with lucid sapphire waters and glamorous marinas. Moreover, given this Adriatic gem’s spectacular comeback on the world tourism scene, Croatia is certainly an easy win bet in terms of luxury travel for the years to come.

Live It Up Like The Rich And Famous

Rich and Famous

There are over a thousand islands in Croatia, but the breathtaking Hvar beats them all when it comes to awe-inspiring landscapes, bright sunny days, parties and glamour. Settled in the Adriatic Sea, just off the Dalmatian Coast, this sophisticated patch of land has become a hotspot for celebrities and glitterati and a favorite playground for yachting advocates. It’s an ideal place to indulge in culture, to enjoy a fine homemade wine and to dance the night away like Prince Harry, Eva Longoria or Beyoncé.

Although it is a city jam packed with beautiful architecture, history and culture, boasting the oldest municipal theatre in Europe, Hvar town’s reputation took a different turn lately, becoming one of the most exclusive party destinations on the Adriatic.

Not as vibrant as the central Dalmatian island, but definitely more sophisticated and bathed in old-fashioned charm, Dubrovnik lives up to all the hype of its nickname. The “Pearl of the Adriatic”, how Lord Byron used to call it, might not be the hidden gem that everyone was surprised to discover a few years ago, but it has developed into a fancy destination, one that capture through its rare distinguished blend of old and new. It is a city made for strolling with delightful medieval sights to explore and plenty of stylish boutiques and artistic cafes to pop in. To get the most out of your stylish experience in Dubrovnik, take a speedboat and explore the nearby islands and their stunning secret beaches, soak up the magnificent, picture-postcard views of the city from the local cable car or simply relax and sip a sunset cocktail in one of the panoramic bars in town.

For a true taste of aristocracy and a dose of bygone sophistication, grab your posh suitcase and head to west, where the elegant resort of Opatija displays its revival. The former meeting place of the Austro-Hungarian high society delivers an exquisite selection of lounge bars and restaurants and the finest coastal vistas in Croatia.

Other vacation hotspots in the Country Of A Thousand Islands include Zagreb with its delightful cultural gems and tremendous café culture; the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park; the imperial Split; the lively coastal town of Zadar, as well as Makarska and Pag - Croatia’s latest clubbing meccas.

Wine And Dine

Food and Drink in Croatia

Croatia is a melting pot of Balkan, Italian and Mediterranean cultures and so is its delicious cuisine. Time honored gastronomic traditions blend beautifully with forward-thinking food trends and fashionable decors shaping a pretty excellent dining scene overall.

The coastal regions of Croatia are characterized by simple, fresh Mediterranean dishes, with emphasize on fish, the south evokes its Italian influences while the center owes its opulent culinary identity to the likes of the Austro-Hungarian nobility. And, with such a proper climate and over 300 wine regions speckled thought the country, it’s no wonder the local reds and whites known worldwide for their high quality are the perfect match for an authentic Croatian feast.

Where To Stay

Croatia Accommodation

Hotels in Croatia are varied and plentiful, ranging from sumptuous architectural palaces and intimate luxurious getaways to quirky boutique hotels and more affordable options.

We at Luxury Accommodations like hotels that integrate beautifully in the environment; hence we always encourage travelers to pick up their holiday accommodations according to the destination’s profile. For instance, there’s no better way to maximize your Dubrovnik experience than by opting for a stylish villa with breathtaking views of its major attractions - the Old City walls and the glittering Adriatic Sea.

Go for a tasteful retreat in the countryside, a historic mansion in Split and dare to apply the same philosophy regarding the other destinations as well. Croatia is beautiful and deserves to be discovered one corner at a time.