Things To Do in Switzerland During Spring

With the highest elevations in Europe, over 60,000 km of hiking trails and a slight drop in prices it’s no wonder Switzerland is an ideal spring destination.

Switzerland during Spring

Although it is mistakenly considered a winter-only travel spot, Switzerland has much more to offer than world-class ski, upscale winter resorts and sleepy hamlets covered in snow. Beyond the grandeur of its alpine backgrounds there’s plenty of culture, history, natural wonders and awe-inspiring places such as the charming French-speaking shores of Lake Geneva, the stunning Ticino canton with its glamorous Italian vibe, the quaint Old Town of Zurich, the cosmopolitan Geneva or the picture-perfect medieval streets of Bern.

Cityscape Switzerland

A feast for the eye and the senses, the tiny mountainous country in the heart of Europe greets spring visitors with a surprising range of activities sure to cater for everyone’s tastes, from adrenaline-pumping adventures to wellness and sightseeing.

One of the main advantages of visiting Switzerland during spring is that you can combine the excellent winter sports opportunities the Alps have to offer with the Mediterranean flair in the south of the country. While some winter resorts in Switzerland, such as Zermatt, known for having the longest winter season in the Alps, are still packed with skiers until mid-April, Ticino - the most spectacular and southerly Swiss canton, embraces spring with a wealth of outdoor cafes, Mediterranean-style gardens in bloom and clear blue skies. What can I say, Switzerland not only runs like clockwork and tastes like milk chocolate, but it’s also full of surprises.

Switzerland Ski Lifts

Due to the lack of tourists, spring is an ideal time to explore the country’s beautiful cities and thankfully, there’s at least one for every traveler’s taste and interest. If you’re in search of Swiss urban glamor, heavenly shopping, culture and gourmet dining, then Zurich should be your first choice. Springtime in Switzerland largest city comes with a number of events (Zurich Carnival, Sechseläuten Festival), with scenic boat trips along Lake Zurich and with plenty of sightseeing opportunities.

Another interesting option is Bern, one of the most sophisticated European capitals and a top destination for travelers willing to discover Switzerland’s laid-back charm and its medieval past. For jetsetters in the know, there’s certainly no better option than the chic wealthy city of Geneva with its dazzling scenery, high-end boutiques and Michelin-starred restaurants. Basel, the nearby Lucerne and the atmospheric Lugano in southern Switzerland are quite spectacular as well, offering plenty of sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Countryside in Switzerland

Besides  chocolate, luxurious watches and outstanding mountains, this fascinating country full of style and character has always been famous for its wealth of hot springs. From world-class clinics and royal establishments settled against breathtaking alpine backdrops to quaint spa towns and public baths, Switzerland has something for everyone. Some of the most alluring wellness destinations include the towns of Montreux and Yverdon-les-Bains in the Lake Geneva region; the pretty Baden, known worldwide for its mineral hot springs and Leukerbad - the Alps’ largest thermal bath and wellness resort.

Spa in Switzerland

As stylish as the country itself, hotels in Switzerland are known for their high standards and quality, so expect comfort and excellence in services whether you opt for a 5-star stay or for a more affordable option. Either way, spring comes with plenty of discounts, so make sure to look into the best deals and offers available.