Marrakech Riads with Amazing Interior Design

Discover the culture, the architecture and the charm of the Arabian world with a journey through Marrakech’s most striking and beautifully decorated riads.

Marrakech Riads

Dar Darma

Darma Marrakech Riad

An oasis of tranquility and style in the heart of Medina, Dar Darma features one of the most spectacular interior designs in Marrakech. Four monumental suites and two gloriously decorated apartments combine to create an utterly exquisite riad that’s both luxurious as well as unique. Step into this fairytale palace and experience the culture, hospitality and opulence of the Arabian world at its finest!

La Maison Rouge

Maison Rouge Marrakech Riad

Each room and space at La Maison Rouge features a perfect harmony of exotic eastern charm and western comfort. The result is an elegant riad tastefully decorated with refined Moroccan furnishings and touches of deep red, to ensure a spectacular, yet very warm and inviting atmosphere.

Maison MK

Maison MK Marrakech Riad

Aiming to embody the ultimate boutique hotel in Marrakech, Maison MK welcomes guests into a stylish oriental ambience with traditional decorations, superb golden lighting and rich fabrics brought here from across the world.

La Sultana

Sultana Marrakech Riad

La Sultana Marrakech is one of the world’s greatest hotels and with good reason. In addition to the excellent services and unbeatable location within walking distance from the city’s most notable landmarks, this one-of-a-kind piece of architecture is home to a spectacular collection of sumptuous rooms, luxurious pools, marble fountains and magnificent rooftop terraces from where the city can be admired in all its glory.

La Pause

La Pause Marrakech Riad

Simple, authentic and full of charm, La Pause combines comfort and tradition with rustic interior details and picturesque natural surroundings. Set within the red moon-like desert of the Agafay Valley, 40 km away from the bustle of Marrakech, this eco-friendly retreat is all about reconnecting with nature and celebrating outdoor recreation.

Riad Chayma

Chayma Marrakech Riad

As a genuine Moroccan palace, Riad Chayma consists of a cluster of opulent rooms arranged around a beautiful inner courtyard, where spectacular Moorish architecture blends beautifully with bespoke furniture and contemporary facilities.