5 Reasons To Move To Thailand

Each year, thousands of people from all over the world move to Thailand in search of a better life. Some are lured by the weather, the beautiful beaches and the easy going lifestyle, others by the unsurpassed Thai hospitality or the job opportunities available.

Moving to Thailand

Whatever the reason, Thailand has become a top choice for many, from expats and retirees willing to settle here to intelligent investors aware of the country’s emerging economy and its excellent business potential.

Thinking about buying a property in Thailand and moving there for the rest of your life or maybe want to make The Land of Smiles your second home? Well, here are 5 big reasons why you should take this step.

Low Cost of Living

Living in Thailand

Thailand is an affordable country compared to the Western world. From food and alcohol to entertaining and accommodation, everything in The Land of Smiles will probably be cheaper than in your home country. Therefore, even if salaries in Thailand tend to be lower, an average income will allow you to enjoy an excellent living and even a couple of luxuries that back home only wealthy people could afford. For instance, you can eat out every day, have a massage at least once a week, get a maid or take a trip each weekend, and all of these will barely affect your budget.

Easy Going Lifestyle

Thai Lifestyle

Most people choose to relocate to Thailand due to the country’s relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and its friendly locals. The religion, the exotic culture and the fresh quality food, they’re all important aspects of Thais’ routine, making life in this deeply Buddhist country delightfully easy going and completely different from the western countries. Consequently, Thailand has become a premiere choice for those in search of an alternative lifestyle, one that’s not only affordable and laid-back, but also culturally different and spiritually rich.

The Weather

Thai Weather

Thailand enjoys a beautiful sunny weather all-year-round, which makes it a paradise for those in love with summer. Theoretically, the tropical monsoon climate that characterizes Thailand produces three distinct seasons: the hot season from March to May, the rainy season from June to October and the cool season from November to February, but in reality this is mainly the case for the mountainous provinces in the north. The coastal regions in southern Thailand usually experience only two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season, enjoying glorious sunshine throughout the year.

The Beautiful Beaches

Thailand Beach

Needless to say beaches are the main tourist draw of Thailand, but they’re also the reason many travelers choose to stay.

Thailand is blessed with over 1,600 miles of stunning coastline and a plethora of wonderful beaches with powder-soft sand and calm, clear waters whose color ranges from emerald to turquoise to deep blue, depending on the area where you choose to go.

Great Investment Opportunities

Investing in Thailand

Last but not least, Thailand offers an amazing selection of properties to choose from, whether you’d like to purchase a home here or to invest in a holiday retreat. Moreover, compared to other exotic destinations, the Thai property market is experiencing a constant development while still delivering good value for money, which makes it ideal for both investors and private home buyers. For more details on Thailand real estate, we suggest you contact a certified company such as the award-winning Absolute World Group.