New York City : Sophisticated City Life And Luxury Hotels

There’s nothing like staying in one of New York Luxury Hotels and exploring the world’s greatest city with all the good, the bad and the magic that define it.

New York City Skyline

Vibrant, contrasting and extremely attractive for people from all over the world, the outstanding New York City comes packed with an abundance of activities for every taste, age or budget. From Staten Island to Bronx, each of its atmospheric neighborhoods has a different story, a different layout and a different ambience, offering unique experiences and challenges.

New York City Hotel

At the high end of the scale, however, New York City glitters in brilliant light with majestic skyscrapers, dazzling hotels, stylish cocktail lounges and upscale shopping districts. In order to get a taste of its glory and glamor, just venture yourself right in the middle of the challenge and discover the pulsating energy and the exquisite sense of style that lie within Midtown Manhattan. And because every great adventure begins with a small step, we sincerely recommend you to check out the exclusive New York luxury hotels provided by SLH, whose stamp of approval is internationally recognized across the tourism industry. This will ensure you an excellent stay, whether it is for business or pleasure.

New York Luxury Hotel

All of SLH’s New York Hotels are exclusively located in the city’s buzzing heart, where elegant boulevards come lined with high-end boutiques and sweet cafes, and where Michelin-star restaurants mix with flamboyant theatres in the shade of the most iconic high-rise buildings.

New York City Boulevard

Therefore, whether you opt for classic luxury and timeless elegance, cutting-edge decors infused with the latest technologies, or characterful rooms complemented by designer fittings throughout, you’ll find them all in the ever-bustling, yet fashionable Midtown Manhattan.

New York Classic Luxury

Nevertheless, the very core of New York City is also home to a wealth of attractions such as the iconic Time Square, the one and only Fifth Avenue, the legendary Broadway or the city’s tallest and most renowned structures - the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the United Nations Headquarters.

With your SLH hotel booked in this action-packed area, you’ll have everything at your doorstep, from shopping and restaurants to culture, sightseeing and nightlife. You can indulge your fashion cravings in the 5th Avenue’s magnificent stores and designer boutiques; satisfy your thirst for art and culture in one of the world’s most influential museums - The Museum of Modern Art, or treat your taste buds with a variety of decadent dishes in the city’s trendiest bistros and lavish restaurants.

New York City Restaurant

Overall, there’s nothing more quintessentially New York than a morning stroll in Central Park, an afternoon well spent in the delightful Chelsea, a musical evening on Broadway or a twilight cocktail in a fancy rooftop bar overlooking the most amazing skyline in the world, and New York City offers them all in one magnificent setting.