The Pop Up Hotel

Currently operating throughout UK, The Pop Up Hotel combines the new trend of temporary hotels with glamping, offering a sensational experience of both luxury and adventure. It consists of a series of glamorous tents equipped with all the amenities of a top boutique hotel, including duvets, luxury showers and make-up parlor, and can be found at various festivals in UK. Moreover, the company promises plenty of international locations such as Australia, The Maldives or The Caribbean, for the near future.

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George V Casa Branca - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Decorated by Sig Bergamin and designed by Itamar Berezin, George V Casa Branca is a luxurious hotel located in the most charming district of Sao Paulo that doesn’t fail to impress with its renowned gastronomy, the pleasant rooftop Spa, the large suites, or the elegant Hillman Bistro.


Adelaide Student Accommodation

With over 23,000 students each year, a pleasant eco-friendly environment and such a lively university vibe filling-up the streets, it’s no surprise the city of Adelaide is often referred to as the “Learning City” or the educational hub of Australia. However, choosing the right student accommodation in Adelaide can be quite a challenge, especially when you’re not familiar with the city.

Urbanest Student Accommodation

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