Especially designed for unique living experiences, PODhouses are a stylish accommodation alternative for those who enjoy sleeping and playing in the middle of nature. The products come in various sizes and shapes, and can be used in campsites or as an exquisite extension of a hotel. All structures are made of wood, offering comfort, safety and weather protection. They’re delivered pre-assembled and clients have also the opportunity to order them furnished. The interior design is taken care of by Switzerland-based agency Livingcase.


Portable Home APH80

Developed by ABATON - an award-winning design and architecture firm based in Madrid, the Portable Home APH80 is a sustainable mobile shelter created especially for global nomads in search of both adventure and a stylish atmosphere that embraces today’s luxuries. Ideal for two, the house can be transported everywhere and easily erected in just one day. It features a minimalist design with an area of 27 sq mt equally divided in three different spaces: a living-room/kitchen, a fully equipped bathroom and a double bedroom.


Tender2 Hotel

Designed by Interieur Prive Office’s architects Patrick Dumont and Patrick Sterckx, the Tender2 ephemeral hotel is a groundbreaking hotel concept committed to offer its guests the perfect combination between luxury, comfort, art, gastronomy and view. The hotel is currently popped up on the famous Knokke beach in Belgium, and will stay there until September 15, offering visitors Michelin-starred food, a private beach, and stylish, arty interiors in which to retreat and relax while taking in the wonderful views.


De Antonio Yachts D23 - Barcelona, Spain

De Antonio Yachts’ first motor boat (D23) is a sleek 7 meters length jewel created by renowned Ubica Studio in Barcelona. Designed for up to 6 people, the tender type boat features a superb layout with fiberglass hull, adaptable aft area and elegant teak deck, as well as a hidden outboard motor which makes it even more aesthetically pleasant and quite silent compared to other motor boats. The D23 works as a mini yacht, being ideal for coastal sailing or water taxi services.


The Pop Up Hotel

Currently operating throughout UK, The Pop Up Hotel combines the new trend of temporary hotels with glamping, offering a sensational experience of both luxury and adventure. It consists of a series of glamorous tents equipped with all the amenities of a top boutique hotel, including duvets, luxury showers and make-up parlor, and can be found at various festivals in UK. Moreover, the company promises plenty of international locations such as Australia, The Maldives or The Caribbean, for the near future.


Sleeping Around - Antwerp, Belgium

Based in Belgium, the innovative Sleeping Around hotel consists of six recycled shipping containers well-appointed with modern furnishings and amenities such as iPod docking station, rain shower or air conditioning. Focusing on both luxury and adventure, this newfangled pop-up concept manages to revolutionize the world of travel by offering guests not only a stylish bed and breakfast, but one that moves according to their preferences. To enhance the experience, one can also opt for the Breakfast/Lounge container or the Sauna container, when these will be completed.


Transport Perceptual Pod

Designed by Alberto Frias, the Transport Perceptual Pod is a light and spacious environment for one or two people. The pod has a round shiny egg form with an elliptical opening and inside you will find a fluffy cloud-like cushion, a high fidelity sound system, an iPhone/iPad universal dock and a temperature controlled round water bed. Other features are an iPhone/iPad app for controlling the light and the sound system, handcrafted fiberglass shell, bed and cushions, and a Philips color kinetics LED lighting system. The Transport Pod allows people to escape into a dream world full of music, color and vibration.