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Paris, Europe’s Ultimate City Break Destination

No matter how short your trip may be, Paris is the kind of city that once you have experienced it, you can never forget it. Its outstanding museums and galleries offer art lovers a rare chance to explore some of the world’s finest collections of art, while a walk through the cobblestone streets of Montmartre gives curious a glimpse into the 19th century Parisian literary society.

City Break in Paris

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11 Unique Places To Stay In Portugal

An underrated country, yet one of great natural beauty and historical wealth, Portugal has a special charm and a unique identity that unfolds in each and every sun-dappled beach, scenic vineyard and beautiful historic village scattered among its rich Iberian territory.

Beach House in Portugal

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Europe’s Most Livable Countries

What makes a country livable? Well, according to surveys conducted by HDI (Human Development Index) and EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit), the livability of a place depends on factors such as safety, education, income, infrastructure and life expectancy. From a nomad’s perspective, however, things are not that straight.

Livable Countries

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Luxury Things To Do In Paris

It’s hard to find something that has never been told about Paris. Everyone knows it’s the most popular tourist destination on Earth, the most romantic city in the world, the capital of chic and fine cuisine, the epicenter of haute-couture, and a hotbed for sublime arts, bohemian culture and luxury lifestyle.

Paris Panoramic Views

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A Travel Guide To Costa Brava, Spain

From sandy beaches, spectacular pebbled coves and rugged headlands jutting out into the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea to charming medieval villages and exceptional food, Costa Brava has everything you need for a memorable Spanish holiday.

Costa Brava

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Scotland’s Most Spectacular Castles

From picturesque ruins perched high on craggy cliffs to majestic castles set on the shores of some iconic lochs, the fascinating medieval structures of Scotland evoke not only the country’s stormy past, but also its beauty and romance, its spirit and unique identity.

Scotland Castle

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