World’s Most Spectacular Rooftop Bars

From Barcelona to New York City, rooftop bars - either cozy and intimate or glamorous and sexy as hell - pepper the skylines of cities and iconic places, inviting guests with good music, refined beverages and stunning views.

Rooftop Bars

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Hotels With Indoor Pools

Inspired by the ancient Roman baths, indoor swimming pools have become common hotel features, social hubs and even architectural wonders. Nowadays, these year-round treats are getting more and more sophisticated, featuring elaborate designs and state-of-the-art lighting and water features.

Hotels with Indoor Pools

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Villa The Sanctuary - A Balinese Experience For All Senses

To have a small sense of what it’s like to stay at Villa “The Sanctuary”, just picture yourself in beautiful Bali, with all those lush, tropical surroundings soothing your soul, with the vibrant colors and mysterious scents of jasmine and fresh greenery awakening your senses.

Villa The Sanctuary

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Hotels Owned By Celebrities

From world-famous actors and singers to magnates, fashion designers and professional sportsmen, more and more of today’s celebrities decide to become hoteliers, and for good reason. They travel the world far and wide, stay in countless hotel rooms and eat in thousands of restaurants. Accordingly, they know quite well what guests are looking for in travel accommodation and services.

Hotels Owned by Celebrities

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Smart Tips For Luxury Travelers

Stay safe, have fun and enhance your experience abroad with these smart travel tips. They’ll not just make your luxury trip a whole lot easier and enjoyable, but also help you make the most of your money and time, create beautiful memories and come back home invigorated and full of life.

Smart Travel Tips

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The Dolomites, South Tyrol - Where Outdoor Fun Meets Culture

South Tyrol is unique in more than one way. Squeezed in the northernmost corner of Italy, where The Boot, Austria and Switzerland collide, this bilingual region attracts visitors from all over the world with its fantastic mix of breathtaking landscapes, distinctive culture and endless choice of recreational activities.

Dolomites, South Tyrol

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